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Harley Quinn, realizing she was her own boss and not willing to be played by any joker, the baddest Henchwoman turned stand-alone Villain is here to make her own Squad . Although a little demented, she is brilliant and unpredictable. With good intentions and healing powers, she is immune to almost all toxins and will use this power to reward holders and fix any damage caused by rogue actors. Whether friend or foe, anyone that underestimates Harley will inevitably regret their foolish dismissal of her loyalty and power. She will go crazy so, as Harley says, you may as well sit back and enjoy the ride!

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100% SAFE

Harley QuINU is an ETH Meme Token with no team tokens, no pre-sale tokens, 100% locked liquidity and anti-bot protection. The contract will be verified for your review. Only Gotham City politicians and Bruce Wayne are unsafe from HARLEY'S revolution.


5% of all transactions are collected for the development team and, to keep the project running. This money is for healing HARLEY and making sure holders can be equally repaired from chart toxins and MC disease including buybacks and additions to liquidity.


HARLEY is a state of mind, and the holders are the only thing she deeply loves.  While you hold your investment, HARLEY will use a portion of her bounty for marketing the squad to reach far and wide across Gotham's crypto communities. Not even Batman can get in the way of her ferocious determination to reward her Squad with ever-growing loot. Share the haul and everyone in the the syndicate prospers.


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Step 1: Create Metamask Wallet
HARLEY QuINU token is available on the Ethereum Network . MetaMask is a third party ERC20 browser wallet, and the very best at that! On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get MetaMask's app for iPhone or Android.

Step 2:  Send ETH to MetaMask

Acquire ETH through MetaMask itself or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance).

Step 3: Visit UNISWAP

You can currently swap ETH and other tokens for JOKER on UNISWAP 

Step 4: Swap ETH for HARLEY QuINU

Enter the amount of ETH you would like to swap for ETH. Click Swap on UNISWAP.

Slippage should be set to 11-25%

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  • Website

  • Telegram Community Development

  • Contract Creation

  • Stealth Launch

  • Influencer Campaign

  • CG/CMC

  • 300 Wallet Holders


  • Listed on CG/CMC

  • Youtube Marketing Campaign

  • NFT Reveal

  • Weeky AMA

  • 2,000 Wallet Holders

  • $10,000,000 MC

  • HarleySwap


  • NFT Competition

  • HotBit/ Listing 

  • Major Endorsements

  • Game Launch

  • 5,000 Wallet Holders

  • Staking

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